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Home / Sonne Scren Video Capture / How to capture from screen
With Sonne Screen Video Capture, you can capture any part of screen from your desktop.
Step 1: Before capturing, please click "Capture Settings" button to customer parameter. You can adjust parameters of screen recording area, and show (or hide) cursor and rectangle by tick (or un-tick) their check boxes, and set any key as "Hotkey" to start/Stop screen capture.
Step 2: Click "OK" button when you finished the settings.
Step 3: Click "Screen Capture" button on the main window to start your capturing.
Sonne Screen Video Capture / How to capture from DV
Step 1: Click "Connect" button to connect your DV device with Sonne Screen Video Capture.
Step 2: Click "DV Capture" button on the main window.
Step 3: Click "Device Settings" button to set parameters for your input video device, such as video input size and video frame rate.
Step 4: Click "Settings" button to set desired parameters for your output file.
Step 5: Click "Capture Settings" button to adjust parameters such as auto shot, capture storage path, volume and balance.
Step 6: Click "Start" button to capture video from DV device, or you can click "Shot Frame" button to capture image from DV.
Sonne Screen Video Capture / File Browse
Sonne Screen Video Capture offers the function of managing all files captured from video devices. Just click" File Browse" button, you can preview video files or images you captured from video devices and perform a list of operations on them.
Step1: Click "File Browse" button to display file List.
Step2: Right click a selected file listed in the left window, you can perform a list of operations to the file:
 After capturing is finished, all captured files will be displayed on "File Browse" tab.